Our Security

Security Control

We care about the confidentiality of our customers’ project before launching to the competitive market. Project security is one of our main focus to all of our client. We had invested substantially in security control in every production process to ensure your project is safe and confidential during production within our plants.



CCTV System : • Control Room • Over 400 cameras

Vehicle Control System : • Secured Entrances • Limited Entrances • Limited Parking Area

Staff Control System : • Security patrol check points • Mobile Phone (Metal Dectors & Secured Lockers) • Authorized Access (Uniform, Secured Gates & Finger Print Recognition System)

Security Force : • internal • External • Over 40 guards in total

Others : • Quarantine Room for the Black Projects defects • Fencing for windows

Project security: Security Control
Project security: CCTV System
Printing Machine from Brilliant International Group
Control Level

Normal mode and black project mode.

Environmental Friendly Printing

Normal mode & black project mode

Professional Safety Training at Brilliant International Group

Every 3 months & Examination

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