Brilliant Green

Using a Green Way

Thinking And Servicing

Brilliant gives continuous priority to caring about the community, as well as maintaining a sense of social and environmental responsibility. We are continuing to develop and implement management and operational policies taking into requirements for protecting the environment and minimizing pollution. The group seeks to make appropriate contributions and highly encourages environmental protection, prompting the Green movement in the industry and is fully committed to delivering environmental friendly products to customers.

Besides, the signing of an agreement with the Chinese Government allowing further expansion ensures the new facility will be perfectly placed to provide you with fast, reliable answers to your quality printing needs for many years to come.

Brilliant Printing - Our Culture
Green Material

Brilliant works with supplier how to use the recycled materials for packaging and incorporating organic fibers or other materials. We also influence our customer to choose the product or materials are made using natural materials that do not harm the environment.

In 2011, we accredited with FSC COC forestry certification. As an approved FSC certified printer, we are delighted to supply print on the full range of accredited papers. We use soy bean based inks for printing, water-based PP lamination and coating, to name a few.

On the other hand, we work with different waste paper management services to collect all the waste paper. We ensure all the waste paper can be recycled. Moreover, we try to minimize to produce the waste paper during production with our special die-cut machine and design.

Green Power

Brilliant’s management are put most effort to deliver and execute the green movement perception to our staff according to the universal standard ISO 14001 and SA8000. We are not just standardized the rules and regulation to the daily operation. Moreover, we also apply to the daily life, a solar hot water system are composed to serve our 3,000 staff in our factory.