Happy Environment

Staff facilities

Our Shenzhen plant provides comfortable accommodation where all our team members’ living needs are met. We have our own food court, health center, convenience store and ATM. Furthermore, staffs just need 30-45mins to the city to replenish any necessities.

In addition, we have a training/function room capable of hosting 200 persons, recreational facilities on offer include basketball, table tennis, and a Karaoke Room where our staff can relax with colleagues and friends during meals or after work. We are continuing to upgrade our staff quarters on a regular basis to ensure our team remains a happy and productive one.

In all, the Shenzhen production plant provides a comfortable atmosphere from production facility to staff quarters. We believe in the ‘play hard, work hard’ approach, in which we are confident that by providing the best working and living conditions for our members our members will similar provide us with their best performance in return.

Packing Manufacturer
Packing Manufacturer