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The Sophisticated Facilities You Demand & Deserve
In order to meet the expanding needs of our partners across Southern China and around the world, Brilliant Printing set up a brand new “one-stop” production facility in 2004. Covering 500,000 square feet and employing more than 4,000 experienced printing industry professionals, the new facility offers a full range of pre-press, printing and post-print production services under one roof.
Always keen to stay ahead of market trends, Brilliant has invested heavily in new equipment and upgrades of its existing production facilities. In 2004, we became one of the first printing companies in Asia to adopt the high-tech Computer-to-Plate system (CTP) technologies to
handle pre-press work. Other cutting edge technologies we offer include a free of charge FTP website which enables customers to upload digital files and download digital proofs via Mac or PC platform for subsequent plate output.
Offset Printing
A full range of offset printing presses with special Eagle Eye embedded in-line production which imported from Europe, Brilliant guarantees exceptional printing quality. Our 6c offset printing press comes with varnishing capability can print formats up to 45” x 56”. To ensure flawless die-cuts, we have invested in a laser die-cut mould machine whose precision and efficiency ratings are the best available.
Post-print Facilities
Ultra Violet coating machines
Calendering machines
Matt/Gloss varnishing machines
Lamination machines on flute & cardboard
Hot Stamping
Window patching
Folding & gluing machines
PVC slicing machine
Auto / Semi-auto die-cutting machines
Hand-fitted die-cutting machines
Electronic plate scanner
Computer automated rule cutting/bending machine
Automatic card board lamination
Varnishing & Cardboard Lamination
Our extensive array of top quality Ultra Violet, calendering, aqua water-base and matt varnishing and coatings offer many different levels of matt and gloss and are an ideal way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of ordinary paper.
Die-cutting, Folding, Gluing and Window Patching
Premium goods need premium packaging to match with. No other offers you a bigger range of stiff and protected printed paper boards or more premium packaging expertise than Brilliant Printing.